Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bad Blogger

It's "Don't Cook Naked", not "Don't Drink Alone"
My exposed and vulnerable readers: I've neglected you. Shame on me. I've just been so busy avoiding people I know on JDate and reading America’s Next Great Restaurant recaps ("typographical hijinks"? "Kale City"? "American cultural hegemony and the paradox of postcolonial chauvinism" as it applies to burgers? David Rees, are you on JDate? Flirt me! If you think "Saucy Balls" is a great restaurant idea, wait til you hear about the "Take a Dumpling" snack shack.)

I've also been busy cooking, and in doing so have discovered the answers to these pressing questions:
  • Can one person polish off three-quarters of a bottle of wine alone without being called a boozehound?
  • Can one person finish a dozen eggs, two sticks of butter, two pints of heavy cream, two pints of half-and-half, one box of sugar, one bag of chocolate chips, two quarts of full-fat yogurt in just two days?
  • Can one person answer the above pressing questions while sticking to her fad diet of no alcohol and only low-fat proteins?
Summary version: Yes, yes, and who am I kidding.

Stay tuned.

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