Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pretzels and primping

One day I will try this recipe again.
On that day, they will taste great with whole grain mustard.
This weekend I learned some important lessons.

1. Yeast dies. You cannot use a package from March 2009, even if you bought a 2-pound bag at Costco, schlepped it through three apartment moves, and only used 4 oz.

2. Follow your gut, even when baking. Dough that is supposed to be "smooth" and "elastic" should not look like muppet molt. Add more water.

3. Don't cook naked. Yeah, I know. But when your Saturday evening baking routine drags into your Saturday night primping routine, you may find yourself buttressing your towel turban with one hand while balancing your tray of burnt rolls with the other. At least my hair turned out nice.
"Risen" dough. Those flowers aren't fooling anyone.

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