Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why, hello there

Welcome to "Don't Cook Naked." Plug in your laptop, lay out your cutting board, and wash off your fork. This is going to be fun.

So why start a blog? Three powerful forces led to the birth of "Don't Cook Naked": laziness, boredom, and self-importance.

1) Laziness: Several friends have asked me for cooking advice in the past few weeks. Publishing those thoughts just once is so much easier than conducting separate gchat conversations with each of you leeches (love you guys!).

2) Boredom: Life has been slower than usual for the Clothed Cook and there's only so much Bravo a girl can watch. I considered refining my Spanish, practicing my GMATs, and learning to fly planes. But starting a blog seemed like a much more practical, responsible, and thrilling option.

So there's some demand for the Clothed Cook's advice, and sure, she's got an adequate supply. Yet my inner consultant shouts, "Does the market need another cooking blog when it's already got Heidi and Deb and Luisa?" And then something fortuitous happened: Mark Bittman, New York Times food columnist/god of novice cooks, stepped down. And here comes the

3) Self-importance: Maybe I could be the next Minimalist! But with better hair and less patience [e.g. from his cookbook: "Put water in a pot (usually to about two-thirds full), and turn the heat to high."] OK, I don't think the Times is gonna come calling. But thinking about Bittman's wrap-up column crystallized some of my ideas about cooking, ideas that I've spluttered to friends in a bar or muttered to myself in the grocery store but never thought to record for the convenience of my future biographers. Until now.

Laziness, boredom, self-importance. Not the most auspicious beginning. But, among other lessons, I hope to demonstrate on this blog that good things can come from even the least appetizing ingredients.


  1. I am SO excited to read this!!

  2. Your future biographers are going to be sooo pleased to see this!

  3. Mayuri: I'm so excited for you to read this!

    Jack: I aim to please.